Vet Tech and Vet Assistant Salary

There are many differences between these veterinary medical positions and the salary is one of them. Each requires a different education level and as you would expect, the higher the education the higher the salary.

How Much Do Veterinarians Earn?

Veterinarians are required to complete a bachelor's degree and then move onto veterinary medical school which takes another 4 years to complete. Most veterinarians have completed about 8 years of schooling. Veterinarians are ultimately responsible for all the care that goes on in their practice. They diagnose and treat diseases and dysfunctions of animals. Vets are at the top of the salary pyramid with a median annual salary of $79,050. The middle 50 percent earned between $61,370 and $104,100, while the top 10% are earning more than $143,660. The average starting salary for a new veterinarian is $62,000.

Salaries for Veterinary Technicians and Technologists

Veterinary technicians and technologists are required to have either an associate's or bachelor's degree in veterinary technology. An associate's degree takes about 2 years to complete and a bachelor's degree takes about 4 years to finish. Students with an associate's degree are considered to be a veterinary technician while students with a bachelor's degree are veterinary technologists. Vet techs are considered to be a nurse in an animal medical environment. They help the veterinarian and often handle the smaller procedures and tests required of a veterinary practice. The median annual salary of a veterinary tech is $28,900, with the top 10% earning more than $41,490.

Earning Potential of Veterinarian Assistants

Veterinary assistants are not required to be either certified or licensed. There are schools offering training for this position, but most states do not require any schooling. Veterinary assistants help the veterinarian and the veterinary tech with daily tasks. They handle clerical aspects while also maintaining the cleanliness of the facilities and sterilization of the equipment. Most veterinary assistants receive their training on the job. Veterinary assistants have an annual salary range of $23,000 to $32,000.