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Is it More Difficult to Become a Vet than a Medical Doctor?

Becoming a Vet Can Be More Challenging than Becoming a Doctor Individuals that are called to become veterinarians are indeed very special people.  Their love of animals will have to supersede everything else.  Becoming a vet takes dedication, intelligence and a lot of schooling.  I’ve been told by veterinarians that many of their fellow students [...]

Why Vets have the Best Job in the World

Vets and Vet Techs Have the Most Interesting Job in the World Veterinary medicine has to be one of the most interesting careers out there today.  Every day brings new adventures with all types of animals.  Over 75% of veterinarians run small or mixed animal practices and have a very varied work day.  One day [...]

Vets Prolong Life

How a Good Vet Can Help Your Pet to Live Longer A veterinarian really can help prolong the life of your pet.  There are two key things you can do to prolong your life and the same holds true for your pet.  Staying fit and maintaining your oral hygiene are two big things you can [...]

A Candid Interview with a Top Vet

Vet Interview Gary Fisher DVM is a mixed practice veterinarian residing in South Dakota. We’ve asked him to give us an idea of what it is like being a rural veterinarian and he has kindly agreed to answer our questions. 1. When did you realize you wanted to become a veterinarian? I’m sure I was [...]

Should You Choose a Two or Four-Year Vet Tech Degree?

2-Year vs. 4-Year Veterinarian Degree: Which One Is Right for Me? A veterinary technician and technologist is basically a veterinarian’s nurse. They provide invaluable support for a vet and are an important member of the veterinary team. Some of the responsibilities of a vet tech in a companion animal practice include: obtaining and recording patient [...]

Forget Vet School Rankings

5 Reasons Why Veterinarian School Rankings Are Not Important Every four years the U.S. News and World Report ranks the top vet schools. They do this using several factors, such as peer assessment scores, research funding, student teacher ratio, and student selectivity; undergraduate GPA, mean VCAT scores, and student acceptance rate. While this ranked veterinary [...]

Veterinarian vs. Vet Assistant, vs. Vet Nurse

Vet Nurse, Vet Assistant, and Vet Differences The field of veterinary medicine is broken down into three positions: the Veterinarian, the Veterinarian Technician/Technologist, and the Veterinarian Assistant. Veterinarians are solely responsible for all patient care and outcomes. They handle all of the diagnosing, surgeries, prognosing, and other complex duties. Veterinarians have the highest level of [...]