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Choosing a Veterinary Specialty

Vet Specialists A veterinary specialist is a licensed veterinarian who has successfully completed a board certification in an AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recognized veterinary specialty college or board.  A DVM must have extensive post-graduate training, education, experience, and pass a credential review and examination set by the given specialty organization to become board certified [...]

How High Is Job Turnover Rate for Veterinary Technicians?

The Employment Turnover Rate for Vet Techs When you are considering your career choices you want to research them in depth.  If you are thinking about a career as a veterinary technician you will want to know many things about the field.  Things like: what is the growth expectation for this field, what kind of [...]

Government Vet Careers

Veterinarian Jobs with the Government When you think about places with jobs for veterinarians, you usually envision a companion animal practice or working with farm animals.  While 80% of veterinarians do work in private practices, many work for the federal government. Most people would not think of the federal government as a place of employment [...]

Applying to Veterinary School and Getting It Right

How to Apply to Veterinary School Becoming a veterinarian is not easy and preparations should be started as early as possible.  Students wishing to become a vet will need to apply for veterinarian schools after completing their bachelor’s degree.  While not all of the schools require a bachelor’s degree most applicants will have one.  Degrees [...]

An Up-Close View of a Veterinary Technician Program

An In-Depth View of 1 Vet Tech Program We are going to look at one school’s veterinary tech program; what they require and what they offer to the individual looking to become a vet tech.  Foothill College is set in the beautiful foothills of the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  The Foothill College Program [...]

Should You Get a Pre-Vet Degree?

Pre-Vet Degrees: Should You Get One? When you read about veterinary schools they often refer to a pre-veterinary degree.  It poses the question; is this an actual degree, and if so what exactly is it?  A student cannot major in pre-veterinary studies, instead it is a program geared to prepare students for admission to a [...]

What About Early Admissions?

Veterinary School Early Admission Programs Yes, some schools do offer early admission for veterinary school. There are two different types of early admission, or otherwise referred to as early entry programs.  The first is a for high school students, these are usually highly qualified students and the few schools that offer this early entry program are very [...]

Tips on How to Get Admitted Into Vet Tech School

Vet Tech School Admissions: 6 Important Tips Do you love animals and want to make a career out of caring for them?  You can become a veterinary technician or technologist and assist a veterinarian in their practice, caring for animals. A Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) plays an important role in the veterinary practice, with job [...]

What You Need to Know to Get into Veterinary School

How to Get into Vet School Veterinary medicine is a very tough field; in what other area of medicine is your patient unable to tell you their symptoms or medical history? A medical field where you are expected to be an anesthetist, surgeon, dentist, and internist all in one? While the job itself is difficult, [...]

Should an Aspiring Veterinarian Become a Vet Tech First?

Is it Better to Be a Vet Technician Before a Veterinarian? Individuals drawn to the veterinary medical field usually have a strong passion for working with animals. There are three key positions in the broad field of veterinary medicine: veterinary assistant, veterinary technician or technologist, and the veterinarian. The vet assistant is not required to [...]